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As an artist, I get to capture the magic of the moment that surrounds and touches me. When the resulting work of art succeeds in allowing the viewer to share in the artist's experience, connection takes place.

Thus I create access, impulses, sensations, inspirations, discussions and give insights into the world, which opens up to me when creating.

It is never an image, a theme, a message that initiates, stimulates or inspires my work, these always reveal themselves only with the progress of my work.

It is never the goal to create something predetermined, predefined. Because I recognize only at a certain point in my work the image that wants to become and give it the shape. It is the curiosity, the anticipation, the excitement of what will become, which drives me. The fulfilling feeling of happiness to engage completely with myself and the moment, the colors, the structures, the forms, the flow and to recognize, to discover what comes to light and to let myself be guided. Body, mind and creation merge, sense of time and space disappear and as in a birth, comes into the world, what already exists and began to be much earlier and has its origin. So then with accomplished work from filigree line tangle or pointilistic acrylic structures my angels and animals emerge. Any judgment of my mind I try to turn off while creating. Although my images have evolved over the years (since 2008 show angels), my self-taught acrylic and ink techniques have refined, they are all clearly recognizable as mine. It shows me since 2019 next to my angels more and more animals and people and also change the color gradients. The intimacy and tenderness is their all connectedness.

I do not search, I am found and together comes reality!

My pictures are usually accompanied by texts or poems. The words and phrases are formed during the creative phases and add up to a whole.

My fine art angel paintings are unique in the world - to know that they touch, affect, inspire fills my heart with joy.




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