Painting angels fulfils me profoundly and offers me new knowledge. As an artist I am gifted to capture the magic of the moment, that surrounds and touches me. In my experience the artist connects with what he sees, what he senses, he gets totally involved and one with the situation. This might be landscapes, animals, moods, themes or in my case angels.

If the artwork succeeds in sharing the artist’s experienced moment with the art lover, connection takes place. Like that I create accesses, impulses, emotions, stimulations, discussions and I offer views into the world, in which I immerge during creating.

For me paintings are therefore always windows to other realities for our body, mind and soul.

I know that my Fine Art Angels are unique in this world and to know, that they are touching the hearts of adults as well as children, fulfils me with happiness and joy.​

It is a great pleasure to see, how today my angels reach the world in so many variable ways. For example as guardian angels over a children’s bed, as a welcome greeting in the entrance hall, as the centerpiece in a retreat room or as a precious gift for birthdays, christenings, weddings and others meaningful moments in life.

It is up to us to let the angels be a gift to all of us.

With gratitude and love 

Bettina Dubois