Let kindness be your compass

reliance be your friend

Let judgments not affect you

and keep guidance in your hands

Let heart and mind be lovers

to fulfill your plans on earth

let others be a part of

and embrace the joy of life

Bettina Dubois, 17th September 2019



To my doubter

I say


Bettina Dubois, 21st February 2019



Angels are


blessing sparkles

Bettina Dubois, 18th June 2018


When people


in the present moment,


of the past judgments

and the fears of the future,


reality happens

Bettina Dubois, 5th March 2017



Let life guide you

Whilst guiding your life

Bettina Dubois, 17th February 2017




And if Christmas also means

To find one's star

To hear one's angel

To feel one's crown

To receive one's guests

To recognise the presents of life

To embrace the gifts of the world

To overcome the judgment

To get blessed by God's peace

To become aware of oneself

With Love, Gratitude and Freedom

Bettina Dubois, 25th December 20016